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Chrysanthemum The chrysanthemum is a versatile flower, in countless colors and varieties. Xclusive Uganda supplies high quality cuttings all year round. A strong basis for the most beautiful pot and cut flowers. Our full assortment consists of Chrysanthemums, Aster and Celosia and can be found here.


The strong, flowering succulent kalanchoe is a familiar sight to florists and people at home. This potted plant is well known and grown in many different pot sizes and colors. Next to indoor use is it also an excellent plant to use outside in the garden or on your balcony. It’s flowers last surprisingly long. More info about our sales company African Finest Cuttings can be found here.

Young Plants

Xclusive Uganda is specialized in the cultivation of various pot and garden plants. Here too, the cultivation conditions in Uganda are ideal for growing strong plants year round. Big advantage for our customers of garden plants is the possibility to reduce on growing time. In early spring they can receive fresh rooted cuttings and don’t have to let them stay over in wintertime in their greenhouses as is common practice. Reduction on energy costs will be easier this way. Most products are produced in close collaboration with our customers. Are you also interested to cultivate unrooted cuttings in Uganda: please contact our sales people in The Netherlands. More info about Xclusive Young Plants here.