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Xclusive Young Plants
Xclusive Uganda

Searching for a reliable supplier of quality cuttings in a favorable stable climate around the equator? Welcome at Xclusive Uganda. We grow unrooted quality cuttings in Uganda. Together with Xclusive Kalanchoe and Xclusive Chrysantmums we are Xclusive Uganda Ltd.


At Xclusive Young Plants we have the advantage of being positioned on the equator and laying 1.110m above sea level. We have an average temperature of around 25 degrees during daytime and 19 degrees during night. Water is easily available. Our average summed radiation during the day is about 15.000 lux.

Xclusive Young Plants

At Xclusive Young Plants we are good in producing and exporting high quality unrooted cuttings for all different types of crops.

Every day is dedicated to make sure our cuttings are cultivated in a professional, modern and automated environment.

Were we stand for:

  • Educated employees and managers
  • Constant cultivation trainings and coaching for our cultivation team
  • Close contact with our customers through our sales and logistic department in The Netherlands
  • Combination between automation where needed and human power where possible
  • Modern technique, good and maintained facilities
  • A good and own controlled logistical chain
  • Good flight connection to The Netherlands 3 times a week
  • Involved towards our employees and the environment
    • Clinic
    • Daycare
    • Study policy
    • Kitchen
    • Housing

How can we assist

Our sales and logistic team in The Netherlands is ready to serve you! Are you interested in cutting production in Africa? Let us share our passion! Contact Ard Mulder via +31 (0)6 306 696 54 or send him an email via amulder [at]