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Satisfied customers

Sander Verbeek, SV.CO

‘People in Uganda build up a whole livelihood’

Sander Verbeek of SV.CO enjoys working with Xclusive Uganda for the cultivation of Kalanchoe and pot chrysanthemums. “They deliver a product of good, consistent quality. The good climate in Uganda guarantees an optimal quality of the products. I go there twice a year and it is nice to see that so many people in Uganda have work at Xclusive under good conditions. People not only have food, but also build up an entire existence. It is great when people can develop themselves in the work they do. They notice that they matter, that they contribute something and see it as a challenge. That is valuable and gives an extra dimension to our cooperation as growers.”

Sjaak van Schie

‘Every euro that Xclusive invests in training and education is money well spent’

The name Sjaak van Schie is a household name in the world of hydrangea. Since 2018, Xclusive has supplied the cuttings for the plants, which are further cultivated in Portugal. Van Schie: “We communicate a lot with each other, as growers and with the management in Uganda. It helps that there is Dutch management there, because implementing the desired method requires close cooperation. The managers have inherited the cultivation process, and that is an important added value. I do not believe that you can help Africa by pumping money into it. What works is creating work and giving people room to develop. Every euro that Xclusive invests in training and education is money well spent. This is also how you keep good employees. This way of working is how Africa can grow.”

Jeroen Ravensbergen, Floritec

‘Working together to achieve high satisfaction among our customers’

As a breeder of flowers and plants, Floritec is committed to working with good quality cuttings. The company is a partner in Xclusive Uganda for chrysanthemum cultivation. Director Jeroen Ravensbergen: “Due to the right climate and day length, the conditions in Uganda are optimal for delivering good quality. The starting point is to make the cultivation as integrated as possible. We consult our customers about this. The cuttings supplied from Uganda therefore fit in well with the working methods of our customers. We find it important that the working conditions at Xclusive are sustainable. This is in line with the principles of Floritec. Together with them, we want to build on the quality of chrysanthemums, in order to achieve high security of supply and customer satisfaction. I can certainly see that happening.”

Hans van der Knaap, KP Holland

‘Stability of climate and delivery is important to us’

KP Holland is a buyer of Kalanchoe cuttings at Xclusive Uganda. Co-founder Hans van der Knaap is very pleased with this cooperation: “The stability of the Ugandan climate and the supply of products is important to us. In addition, the price is competitive. Cultivation takes place entirely under the banner of MPS, so the products fit in well with our working methods in the Netherlands.”

When asked whether it is so sustainable to fly cuttings over from Uganda, Hans says: “There is no separate flight for these products and, above all, virtually no energy is used for cultivation in Africa. If you look more broadly at sustainability, what counts for us is that the cooperation makes an enormous contribution to the development of the Ugandan employees. Xclusive ensures that people can go to school, there is a clinic and childcare. The company even has an ambulance for people in the area.”

Frank Benders, Board Member Xclusive Cuttings

‘In cuttings from Xclusive Uganda there is sunshine!’

“Xclusive Uganda makes a great contribution to the development of the local population. In addition to providing food, shelter, medical care, study and development opportunities for people who want to get ahead, the company has always strived for better working conditions than those in the collective bargaining agreement,” says board member Frank Benders. “Xclusive’s contribution also extends to putting infrastructure in place in the country, improving logistics and horticulture, and advocacy to politicians.”

Ad Dekkers, Colors of Sentinel

Ad Dekkers, Colors of Sentinel

‘Due to the favourable climate conditions, Xclusive delivers us two shipments a week of high-quality cuttings’

“Ad Dekkers of Colors of Sentinel has been in a partnership with Xclusive since 2016. Hans van Eijzeren and Ad had known each other for years when they started a trial with cuttings from Uganda. Due to the favourable climate conditions, together with dedicated greenhouses and teams, Xclusive is now providing Sentinel year-round with two shipments a week of high-quality cuttings. The partnership is also a success because of Ad’s knowledge and time investment. He visits the nursery in Uganda about three times a year, making sure to share his knowledge and insights with management and the production teams. By doing so, a close relationship is maintained, which is vital for the cooperation and the success of the partnership.”