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Our story
Xclusive Uganda

Xclusive Uganda is an innovative horticultural company in Uganda, where high quality cuttings are produced. The Dutch basis of the company is reflected in clear communication and organization, advanced horticultural technology and a solution-oriented management. The climate in Uganda is ideal for growing high quality cuttings all year round.

Uganda impact

Xclusive Uganda is rooted in the local society. More than 500 employees have a well-paid job and a place in the community. Good working conditions, food, childcare, education and medical care are provided.


For Xclusive Uganda, good cutting also means a clean product. We base ourselves on Dutch laws and regulations. By using special plant tables during cultivation, we can collect and reuse water and fertilizers. Growing at a high level also means that we invest in our local employees. Together we stand for exclusive quality, which we deliver under good working conditions. Quality and sustainability go hand in hand.


At Xclusive we work with high international standards. Our customers are demanding high levels of certifications to meet the expectations of their customers. Therefore we are MPS ABC certificated. This includes GAP, SQ, Quality and ETI . Please visit the link to the website of MPS [link] to check our current certification.



In memory of Peter Benders

Xclusive Uganda originates from the vision of our highly valued employer and colleague Peter Benders whose life came to a very sudden end on the 18th April 2022. A shock to everyone who knew and worked with him. Peter was an extremely passionate person and Xclusive and the wellbeing of ‘his people’ always came first. Anyone who asked him about his vision got the same answer: Through the development of Xclusive, the development of the region!

In this spirit we will continue working, forever remembering his legacy.”